Kim’s story

Kim made the move from childcare to home care after she saw the difference it made to her nan. Since then she says she’s never looked back, and is even working on her Level 3 Diploma. Here’s her story.

I previously worked within the childcare industry for six years. During my childcare training my Nan was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. I admired her carers, whether they were the ones who visited her within her own home or during her final weeks/days in hospital. From that moment onwards, they inspired me to be somebody that could give back to our community, and whether it was within a residential home or in their own home, I wanted to be the reason why that person smiled. 

I came across an advert for love2care on a job website. I had seen a lot of care jobs advertised, but their values particularly caught my eye. I decided to take the plunge and contact Debbie, who is the Community Engagement & Recruitment Coordinator. We chatted on the phone and the job sounded perfect for me. It was all I had ever dreamed of doing. After my interview and many conversations later I started my new career in care and I have never looked back since.

I am proud to be one of those people who has the opportunity to give back to their community. Alongside that, I have had great opportunities to learn, grow and develop; and now I am working on my Level 3 Diploma, which benefits me as well as the people I support. 

I love2care because I can be the reason a person I support smiles. I may be the only person that visits them all day, and this makes me want to give them the best experience possible. I love the continuity of seeing the people I support regularly, whether it be providing them with care in their own home, taking them on their weekly shop, or helping them to maintain their independence. The list is endless for what we can offer the people we support in our community.

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