Sheila’s story

Sheila has worked in care for over thirty years. She moved to Devon to retire, but her passion for supporting people led her to join us at love2care. Here’s her story.

I have over thirty years’ experience working in Health and Care. Over the years I have seen a lot of positive change in this sector; with a greater focus on enabling people to have a better quality of life, maintaining and developing their independence, and facilitating choice and dignity. 

I also have personal experience of caring, as I supported my daughter who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Later I was no longer able to support her at home because she needed more specialist care, and sadly she passed away in 2007.

Following this I came to Devon to retire, but my love and passion for supporting people meant that I chose to continue in the career that I love. Now I work for love2care, and it is an amazing company to work for. As an employee I feel supported and valued, and our amazing team delivers a high standard of care. I love going home each day knowing that I have made a positive impact to the people I support, and I couldn’t think of a more rewarding career.

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