Tia’s story

Tia was attracted to love2care because of our values, but had heard about poor quality home care experiences before and was worried that it might not work out. After working as Deputy Manager with us for a year, she feels differently. Here’s her story.

I’d always been sceptical about home care as I’d heard about how the financial pressure on providers meant that they often visited people for as little as 15 minutes. It made me wonder whether good quality care was really possible. That’s why, even though I was attracted to love2care’s values, I was worried that it might not live up to my expectations.

Now I’ve worked here for a year, I can say that love2care is definitely different. We ensure all of the individuals calls are long enough so they don’t feel rushed and the staff have enough time to really get to know the people they support, which enables them to provide brilliant care. Because we support individuals with small teams of staff, we are able to ensure continuity of care, too. This allows great working relationships to develop which again, supports great care and partnership working. 

In my role as Deputy Manager, my days vary. Some days I am out providing care to the people we support, whereas on others I am in the office working with Social Services, doctors and other partners of the NHS to ensure the people we support are receiving the best care they can. I also support the teams, working alongside our staff to ensure they are happy and fulfilled in their roles. This way of working keeps the role exciting.

Something else I love is that we don’t just stop at care. Instead, we support people to be independent and to connect with their communities. We really do put our heart and soul into supporting individuals as much as they can to improve their quality of life, and it gives me real fulfilment to know I am making someone’s day better.

If you want to work somewhere where you are supported to grow whilst providing high standards of care to people, love2Care is definitely a great place to start.

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