Our approach to supporting you to live well at home

We offer a truly personalised homecare service through our small teams of Wellbeing Workers.

You can use our Wellbeing Workers for just a few hours of care per week, right through to full days. We can help with a wide range of services, whatever your needs.

Our 3 elements of wellbeing

We believe that wellbeing is about so much more than just being kept safe and well – it’s also about doing more of what matters to you, and staying connected to other people in your life.

Because all of these elements are vital to deliver real wellbeing, they are all part of our standard service.

Being safe and well

From taking care of medication, to personal care, cooking and cleaning, or even designing a safe household environment, we can look after everything that you need to stay safe and well.

Doing more of what matters to you

Doing what you enjoy is what makes life worth living, so we take this really seriously. Whether you want to get out and about more, reconnect with a hobby or start doing something completely new, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Staying connected to others

Relationships are key to wellbeing. We’ll work with you to identify how we can build or maintain them, reducing loneliness and keeping you connected to your community.

Real wellbeing is what happens when each of these elements happen together.

Want to know how we make it happen?

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