Staying connected to others

We believe that great care is about being happy and fulfilled, doing more of what matters and staying connected to other people in your life; as well as getting the basics right. That’s why we created a Community Wellbeing Co-ordinator role at Love2Care as a way to help people to do more of what matters to them, and improve their wellbeing, at no extra cost.

Our Community Wellbeing Co-ordinator helps and supports people to connect with others and pursue the things that they enjoy.

So what does the role of a Community Wellbeing Co-ordinator involve?

  • During the initial conversation when the care plan is being developed, we capture as much information as possible about the person we are going to support so that we fully understand what wellbeing means to them
  • Every person has a six-week review to ensure that they are receiving the care and support they need and to discuss any changes that may need to happen.
  • As part of this review, our team offers the further opportunity for the person we support to connect to individuals and/or groups for friendship and to develop their interests
  • She talks through all the options available in the community e.g. support and community groups etc which are tailored to their interests and together they come up with a plan of action.
  • Our team is able to make referrals to Age UK Wellbeing Co-ordinators, Daybreak Day Centre (Step One Charity), Coastal Friends befriending service, Sound Communities and Carer support groups on behalf of the individual with their consent and facilitates the first meeting together
  • Our team creates monthly newsletters packed with information and news from the local area so that people we are living at home can be fully knowledgeable about what is available within the Bay for them
  • Our team organises our half-yearly Summer and Christmas events which are attended by the people we support and loved ones as well as individuals from local community groups.
  • Love2Care has also just started arranging monthly get-togethers to bring people together for conversation and friendship