Mentoring and consultancy for care and support providers

Are you a care and support provider who would like to work towards an improved CQC rating? We can help.

The Love2Care mentoring and consultancy service offers other care and support providers the opportunity to learn from our team of CQC ‘Outstanding’ rated professionals. Our aim is to support and empower other home care providers to improve the well-being of the people they support and their workers. By applying these new learnings, a provider can expect to improve their CQC rating at the same time.

Our home care service is founded on the belief of focusing on what matters most to the people we support and on the values of the people who work with us. Working in small teams helps people the people we support an opportunity re-engage with their own communities. We know that the only way to provide high-quality care is to have the best team possible. Providing care givers with the knowledge, resources, and community to deliver extraordinary care at all times.

Our journey to Outstanding

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Our mentoring and consultancy service helps support other care and support providers to set a standard of practice across the board, and to strive for an Outstanding Rating from CQC. We can offer support in the following areas:

Supervision and Support

  • Regular mentoring and supervision outside of the working environment with experienced managers, so learning and developing new ways of working from an external perspective.
  • Ongoing mentoring and consultancy support, so that if you face a challenge, we can offer early intervention to help resolve a situation in the most effective and efficient way possible.
  • Support with key administrative tasks such as:
    • Resources to develop documenting practices, design paperwork, care plans, quality assurance documents, rostering for continuity and consistency of care and more.
    • Support documenting good practice like an Outstanding Practice Folder.
    • Guidance with Business Continuity Plans, existing and future. All practices would be formatted to be easily maintainable for CQC inspections, and to efficiently distribute across teams.
    • Opportunity to shadow the Mentor/Registered Manager, so you can observe, and improve, your daily practice by observing mentors in real life situations.
    • On-the-job feedback by allowing the mentor to supervision their participants in real life situations, so allowing for continual development and improvement.

Community Resources

  • CQC notifications and safeguarding alerts
    • Updating action plans to meet the requirements of CQC
    • Opportunity to answer questions and discuss practices.
  • Working with the Local Authority
    • Give providers the knowledge and support to make referrals, request support, brokerage knowledge, and more with the local authority process.

We’re committed to improving our local resources to continue to provide the high-quality care that communities deserve. If you are too, we’d love to hear from you.


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