Our 6 Point Promise

Choosing a care provider can be complicated, so to give you peace of mind, we’ve created our Six Point Promise. This outlines our commitment to people we care for and their families, and shows how the way we work is different.

Your care and support reflects what matters to you

Each and every individual is different, so we will take the time to learn about your priorities, and the change that you’d like to see in your life. Our step-by-step process helps us to build services that are really tailored to what matters to you. This forms the foundation of how we support you to have true personal wellbeing.

Your support, your way

We’ll make sure that you are in control of the support you receive, when you receive it, and how it happens. Getting a great fit with your team is really important too, so we give everyone the opportunity to choose their Wellbeing Workers. You’ll get to see a one page profile or a short video of potential team members introducing themselves, and we can even help you to match yourself with people with similar interests so you have things in common.

You have consistency and reliability

Having an endless stream of different carers can be confusing and feel impersonal. Instead, the people we support typically have a small team of wellbeing workers. This means that you get to know the people who are caring for you, and can build a personal connection.

Your service is flexible, and fits around your life

People’s needs change from day-to-day, so having a rigid timeslot or list of tasks to do on a visit simply doesn’t work. Instead of a traditional ‘task and time’ approach, we measure our success by looking at how we’re helping people to have more of what matters to them in their life. Our Wellbeing Workers have the flexibility to stay a little longer if they need to, and teams work together to make sure they are putting people first – not paperwork.

We care for our staff’s wellbeing too

We believe that staff need to be looked after in order to look after the people we support. We believe in giving our people the security of a salaried role. We also pay above the National Living Wage, and pay travel time, recognising the amazing contribution that our staff make to people’s lives.

We’ll help you to connect to your community

Great relationships are an essential part of wellbeing, and we will proactively support you to stay connected to important people in your life and community. We do this in a way that reflects what matters to you and the connections you would like to make and maintain.

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