One of Love2Care’s amazing Wellbeing Workers, Daniella purchased all the ingredients to make a tasty, but it was a combined effort with two of the people we support. As you can see above, the result was amazing, and it made me feel hungry just looking at the pizza.

But the fun did not stop there. Another one of Love2Care’s trusted Wellbeing Workers, Sue turned up with skittles and so the competition began in the sunny garden.


What else makes an outstanding care company?

Any organisation is nothing without its workers. Without their dedication and love, none of the above would happen and so Maddy, the leader of Love2Care went the extra mile to support her family of workers during these challenging times.

Whilst on her travels, Maddy picked up some ‘paint yourself’ bird boxes for the workers’ little ones as well as some of the people we support and their families. With pure compassion and thought for others, Maddy offered an activity to support households to come together during these lockdown times and have a bit of fun.

But did it stop there? No, outstanding care is not about ‘tick boxes’ and form filling. Yes, these things have to be done for obvious reasons, but it is more about supporting people to lead fulfilling lives.

These are all examples of things that we can do to make a difference to other people’s lives.